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Digital Deepak Internship Program- Top 4 Things you need to know before you apply

In this blog post, I am going to reveal the dark side of the Digital Deepak internship Program. This review is based on the personal experience I got from the internship program and the same experience you will get from it if you join. Let’s Start- 

About Myself

My name is Prince Choudhary and I am a Facebook Advertising Expert from Panjim, Goa. I was a student of DDIP Batch 11. This batch was started on the 23rd of March and ended on 10th august 2021. In the whole journey, our batch mentor Shri Jayant Kumar Padhi was with us to solve any doubt problem. There were a total of 590 students in my batch and everyone was really helpful. We used to get weekly lessons in our LMS and got 30 days to submit the assignment. My whole internship journey was extremely beautiful. 

But on the last day, something bad happened that aroused me to write this article about my entire Journey. At the end of this article, you will get to know everything in detail. 


Digital Deepak aka Deepak Kanakraju doesn’t need any kind of recognition nowadays. He is the best digital mentor, successful entrepreneur, and great author in this era. He started his journey by writing blogs on, and the rest is history. 

He has launched multiple courses to date and has worked with fortune 500 companies. 

When I talk about mentorship, Digital Deepak is mentoring students via his DDIP aka Digital Deepak Internship Program. Now let’s have a look at DDIP.

Digital Deepak Internship Program

Back in the time, when people used to pay fees to learn, and the data has shown that people don’t care about purchased courses after some days. They don’t complete their courses on time to date. And then a new teaching method was introduced by Digital Deepak. “necessity is the mother of invention” and this was the key factor behind DDIP starting. 

Losing money is the biggest fear for people. People don’t want to lose money. They want to earn money as much as they can but none of them wants to lose money. And when I am talking about this, I am talking about you. You are the one who doesn’t want to lose your money.  

The Digital Deepak Internship program is structured in such a way that you earn your hard-earned money back in the form of cashback after completing all the assignments. Sounds Cool, Right!!  For all of the others, it could be a normal internship but all interns of DDIP know its value. Digital Deepak Internship program is the first kind of Internship where you get money to learn things. Please don’t get confused with the word “Internship”. It’s a so-called internship program but actually, it’s a mentorship program where you learn Digital Marketing in a practical way. 

Fee Structure & Cashbacks

When I joined, the fee was 15000 and by the time you join, the fee might be increased. It means I had deposited 15000 at DDIP to enroll in batch 11. and they had provided me with a personalized learning management system aka LMS, in which all lessons & assignments were delivered each week. I had to complete all the assignments within the time limit i.e. 30 days. By the end of all assignments, I got 12000 back into my account. 

For the rest of the 3000 rupees, I had to participate in the DMAT exam. and I took DMAT on 24th July 2021 and scored 67/100 in it. and due to some ambiguous rules and regulations, I had lost 3000 rupees even after I had done tremendous hard work.  (Actually, This’s the Dark Side of this internship, which I will talk about at the end in detail). Because you can easily get 12000 back but if you get placed into the top 100, you’ll get more additional cashback. 

Benefits of Digital Deepak Internship Program

Without a strong “Why”, people don’t buy. And here are the benefits in following bullet points,

1. In-depth conceptual learning of Digital Marketing

2. 12 Assignments to learn practical knowledge

3. A personalized telegram group of all interns where you get support

4. Weekly Mastermind calls exclusively for interns

5. Designated mentor for the batch

6. Assignment Explanations videos.

7. Each week Q&A Webinar

8. & 100s more hidden benefits which I can’t elaborate on in this small blog post.

The Dark Side of Internship

Every good thing comes with some bad. I have talked about benefits earlier but I have to tell you the bad things which you will face if you enroll in the internship. And these things are about DMAT Examination & Other things. 

1. If you submit your assignment, there is no way to know more about your assignment quality and the marks you obtain for each assignment. 

2. When it comes to the Top 100 interns, you don’t have any access to their marking system. It means if you score 99 in the DMAT examination, then you might be thrown out of the Top 100 list without any reason. because you know your DMAT marks but don’t know about your assignment’s marks.

3. The final top 100 intern’s results will be shown in alphabetical order, so if you did your best in the entire internship there is no way to get your rank.

4. If you think you deserve your name in the top 100 interns list, and you don’t find your name on the list, then you will not be given any reason. 

That’s all the Dark side of Top 100 interns of DDIP. so, if you are going to be a part of this beautiful internship program, you must think before you apply. 

I have written this blog post to aware people of the bad things that they might face in their batch. In my batch, I met a lot of intelligent people such as Chesta Jain, Adarsh Kumar, Abhijith, and Ranu Agarwal. I had made a lot of memories there. and my journey still continues. 

Bye for now… I shall post something next week.    

Here is a link to apply for Digital Deepak Internship Program: –

  1. https:/

Prince Choudhary

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